“Romantic and stoical” was how Keiko Onose described her point of view for this collection, which had a clean, classical elegance enlivened with moments of emotion. There was a sense of modesty to the line’s dreamy, modern dresses in tactile fabrics recalling calico; relaxed knots and bow details evoked a certain nonchalance.

A knee-length shirtdress in crisp men’s striped cotton with a twisted bow had a romantic charm, as did an ivory silk top and skirt gently gathered into knots at the side with asymmetric ruffles. A belted minimalist trench stripped of hardware with oversize sleeves had the ease of a dressing gown, balancing comfort and chic. Discreetly distinctive sport-luxe standouts included a black dress with a wrap top and elasticated waist, with more merch-friendly basics like leather culottes with elasticated waists and draped tops woven into the equation.

The intellectual, at times slightly austere, mood was warmed up by the palette, which flushed from a spectrum of whites to classic navy and khaki to pretty sunset tones like dusty apricot.

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