Deconstructed East-meets-West dressing with a heavy helping of white shirts reimagined is the concrete aesthetic backbone of Samuel Drira’s collection. More ephemeral is the idea that clothes can be worn many different ways to express something personal. For spring, he captured those idiosyncratic gestures of getting dressed with mellow grace. Wearing a blazer as a halter top, sleeves flapping in the breeze or pants with legs shaped like tailored shirt sleeves hardly seem accessible, but Drira passed such concepts off with relative ease, as if the person wearing it just decided to try something new with a closet staple.

As usual, cuts were spare, making the deconstruction of jackets, skirts and utility jumpers easy to digest. He introduced newness into the lineup with strong colors — indigo and red — to amp up the mild beige, white and black. There was also a sharp sportiness to nylon pants that came cinched at the ankles, and vests and jackets slung around the shoulders. Some of the best pieces remained fashioned out of white shirts — Drira’s constant point of focus — a long, apron/sheet of a dress, and another mid-length dress that was sensually twisted around the shoulders and fell into a spare shirttail skirt.

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