It’s a jungle out there. Johnny Talbot and Adrian Runhof were so enamored with a silk fil coupé design by fabric designer Clara Fantoccoli — a jungle scene of flowers, palms, sunshine and “an adorable little monkey” — that they decided to build a whole collection around it.

Voluminous skirts and a range of basics like jumpsuits and super-cute parkas served as canvases for the enchanting fabric, but the jungle theme also extended to related garb like fashion’s favorite summer basic, the safari jacket, which the designers revisited with umpteen sleeve variations — from oversize cuffs to drawstrings to ruffles — transforming the staple into a full-on gown in sand-cotton twill, and even fashioning a top out of utilitarian pockets.

The shirt was also a leitmotif, running from a pretty, minimalist powder blue cotton hoodie tunic to more generous nods like an asymmetric seersucker maxidress based on a deconstructed shirt, with sleeves knotted at the back.

Focused on loose volumes, the fabric-rich collection also had its quieter moments, like a pretty coatdress in white parachute silk from the sporty section.

The line’s handiwork was impressive: an artisanal feather chainmail top added to the rich decor hat was lovely. But while the palpable enthusiasm of the design duo, and their collections, is endearing, this jungle could have done with a little taming.

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