For Faustine Steinmetz’s first foray on the runway, the Parisian-born designer focused on reworking classic wardrobe pieces such as a trenchcoat, denim jeans and a tracksuit.

“I want to show what the brand is about,” said Steinmetz. “I wanted to take ten pieces of clothing that everyone has had and just redo [them]. Deconstruct [them]. Show [them] in lots of different ways but always keeping the same patterns. It’s called facsimile. We photocopied the patterns of these pieces and then got creative with the fabric. The concept is to re-create everyday pieces, in our own way and make them special.”

She cleverly demonstrated her artisanal craftsmanship, taking traditional silhouettes and fusing her own techniques and finishes on sustainable materials.

The designer took apart a trenchcoat which was haphazardly cut and torn and worn over a satin white dress that had a deconstructed hem. Steinmetz hand-painted another overcoat style with slick oil paints, which gave it a slightly shiny and waxed effect.

Elsewhere, she injected florals and deconstructed a long scarf with a botanical print and fashioned it as a blouse by draping the soft fabric over shoulders and held together with invisible straps. This was paired with denim jeans.

She debuted men’s wear and created jeans with her signature trompe l’oeil felted denim, which was frayed at the waist and ankles and worn with a white logo T-shirt.

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