Inspired by an untitled poem by 17thcentury’s British author Robert Herrick who celebrated imperfect beauty, Albino Teodoro played with proportions and unfinished details to convey a hyper elegant aesthetic injected with edgy touches. The first look, a feminine voluminous draped skirt matched with a sharp cut cotton shirt, set the tone for the lineup, which played with contrasts. For example, a sartorial vest, layered over a white T-shirt, was paired with an asymmetric skirt worked in a chic jacquard fabric showing an Asian-inspired floral pattern. A workwear jumpsuit revealed a sensual ruffled off-the-shoulder neckline, while a beige trenchcoat featured the front and the sleeves embroidered with a cascade of black and gold sequins. Teodoro took a couture-like approach to constructions. He twisted and draped natural high-end fabrics to create elegant, voluminous skirts and frocks, coming both in solid versions and in rich jacquard options. The whole lineup exuded a sense of unconventional luxury, which looked refreshing and charming.

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