Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez embraced an irreverent attitude for spring. The designers deconstructed traditional silhouettes to create pieces infused with an ironic feel. For example, classic shirts were presented with two additional sleeves to knot around the hips and a jacket was inlaid onto the back of short pants, which were worn with a T-shirt printed with the word “Irreversible” written with the letters as in a mirrored effect. Denim skirts and shorts featured inside-out constructions and a pair of black pants was reworked to become an off-the-shoulder, long-sleeved top.

A tromp l’oeil effect was obtained through the crystal embroideries mimicking both the stitching of applied pockets on poplin cotton shirts and cotton canvas jackets and the straps of a backpack on a T-shirt crafted from a suiting fabric. Men’s cloths, including a pin-striped lightweight wool, were cut for hyper feminine frocks, including an asymmetric slip style and a number trimmed in Chantilly lace. Everything exuded a sense of fun, which made this collection look a playful creative exercise.

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