An exotic vein ran through For Restless Sleepers’ spring collection. Francesca Ruffini Stoppani juxtaposed a range of rich, opulent print in her lineup exuding sensual elegance. A nocturnal charm was infused in a group of silk pajama sets and robe coats, sometimes trimmed with beaded fringes, worked in dark botanical patterns enlightened by colorful prints of insects, reptiles and flowers. Ample, ruffled sleeves added extra drama to a maxidress with a high slit shown in a vibrant tropical motif, while tigers popped up on a white pajama set featuring the cuffs embellished with graphic red stripes. The exuberance of the multiple flamboyant graphics was balanced by the geometric patterns conveying a Sixties’ retro feel. When Ruffini Stoppani opted for solid colors, she introduced exquisite surprises, such as the embroidered jellyfishes embellishing the back of the top of a silk black pajama set.

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