Spring is usually not the more exciting season for an outerwear brand known for its rich fur touches. However, at Mr. and Mrs. Italy, the creative team managed to deliver a collection that looked appealing also in the warmer weather. Along with its range of parkas embellished with opulent fur collars coming in multicolor shades, the company introduced two cool transitional styles. One was a bomber made more feminine via appliquéd back pockets, a V-neck collar and an array of embroideries, also embellished with beads and pearls. They had a tropical feel, which added a festive attitude to the urban styles, crafted from nylon and a blend of cotton and linen. The brand also offered a quite eccentric, flamboyant take on the classic officer jackets, here enriched with embroideries and patches for an eye-catching urban look. Designer Jay Ahr teamed up with Mr. and Mrs. Italy to customize two parka styles, which were decorated with embroideries and micro beads creating a motif inspired by Hokusai’s “The Great Wave” ukiyo-e artwork.

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