Massimo Giorgetti popped open his Crayola box — and broke out his highlighter pens — for this eye-popping collection built around color therapy. And what a moment to choose to do it — Milan has been blazing with sunshine all week — and the upbeat colors matched the mood of many a show guest.

The designer, who took his bow in an acid yellow sweatshirt — a chirpy, mood-lifting color — also pitted delicate silhouettes, as in the layered pastel eyelet dresses, against the distressed edges of colored denim and knitwear. The result was a zesty outing that was, at times, overwhelming.

Giorgetti’s strongest looks came in the form of trenches with contrasting panels and belts: A candy floss pink one flashed with bits of red and electric blue, while an olive coat came with a splash of deep plum. The monotone denim worked a treat, too, as in hot pink jeans with ragged hems, and bright, tie-dyed or ombre sweaters that looked as if they’d been ambushed by ravenous moths.

The dresses — in solid white, pink or bright yellow eyelet — came with big, rounded sleeves or thick ruffles spilling down the front while shiny, crinkly fabrics were used for a red pouf-sleeve dress or bright blue for a raincoat. The young, contemporary MSGM tribe won’t be disappointed.

At times, though, the collection ventured too far over the rainbow with a riot of color in the form of dripping paint splotches on a double denim suit and white shirt, and a lineup of plaid jackets, trousers and coats done in highlighter shades of pink and yellow. Sunglasses required.

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