Welcome to the Chelsea Hotel! Or more accurately, an exuberant interactive gallery presentation featuring designer Stacey Bendet’s reimagined version of the storied hotel as a thriving space for female contemporary artists pushing creative barriers. The set was designed to mimic various hotel rooms, with each of the eight artists asked to interpret their assigned spaces in the vein of their work — which, in turn, inspired the season’s prints — taking guests on a journey that blended fashion and art.

Bendet isn’t new to the concept of artistic collaborations, having worked with David Choe, Domingo Zapata and the estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat in the past. The female artists this season included Tallulah Willis in the dinette, Jemima Kirke and Susie Lopez in the sitting room, Lucy Sparrow in the kitchen, Blair Z in the bedroom, Angelica Hicks in the bathroom, Lola Schnabel in the living room, Scout Willis in the music room and Francesca DiMattio in the foyer.

With eight different artistic visions, Bendet was tasked with bringing a cohesive thread to the lineup. Her brand of spirited and eclectic femininity with a rock ‘n’ roll edge certainly shone through. “I feel like we’re in this moment of just complete creative expression,” she said at the presentation. “Everything is so individualized. I wanted the clothing to tell that story.”

She pulled it all together with print and color. A batch of mixed prints and florals was inspired by DiMattio’s collages; bold, saturated colors by Willis’ neon drawings; soft chiffon prints from Schnabel’s petal-less flowers; palm-leaf prints from Hicks’ “palm boobies” drawing; and “bodega deli” purses from Sparrow’s kitchen set. There were elements of spiked romance, like when she paired florals with neons, or black chokers with soft colors. “I wanted it to be this girl who’s arty and romantic but a little edgy and tough.” Mission well accomplished.

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