A cheerful, happy mood infused Cynthia Rowley’s spring presentation. Models stood on swings, which the designer installed in her West Village showroom. In keeping with the setup, the lineup was infused with a cute, feminine vibe. A delicate pattern of micro flowers and geometric motifs peppered a couple of maxidresses — one featuring soft sleeves and tiny ruffles at the neckline, the other with a bodice embellished with a sweet bow. Multicolored iridescent maxi sequins embroidered on a skirt added a touch of glamorous extravagance, while a pair of pants with a pixelated print of flowers, matched with a coordinated bralette top, introduced a sporty, technical note. A less innocent, more sensual vein emerged via satin rompers with plunging V-necks and a sheer one-piece swimsuit worn under a sartorial blazer.

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