By  on September 6, 2017

VPL’s Victoria Bartlett and Stella Ishii of 6397 have teamed up to launch their first collaboration — an activewear collection ironically named Neverbefore — ironic because Bartlett was actually one of the pioneers in the category. “It’s funny because I’ve known Stella for years,” Bartlett said backstage at the Neverbefore presentation at Ishii’s showroom The News. “In 2013, she came to me at VPL and said, ‘You are the person; you started active in your first shows.’ And this November she approached me again and by December, we had started putting together the whole team, boards and a collection.” It happened very organically, Bartlett said; they just “did it.”

“For me, it’s also a statement of the times,” she added. “I’m very active, I do aerial, trampolining, yoga and I wear what feels good, what works for me, what’s comfortable.”

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