Jordana Warmflash often leans on art for reference, balancing a bold use of color and an artisanal spirit in her designs. She has referenced specific artists in prior collections but recently broadened her scope to include more general artistic styles. It has allowed her collections to open up as well; they now mine other art history influences, not only pattern and color, but structure and even stitch-work as well.

For spring, Warmflash started sifting through vintage botanical paintings, citing the inherent shapes and use of more unusual flowers as the biggest draw. Florals were engineered onto various relaxed lounge-y sets and blouses with tie-sleeve details. A standout dress featured hand-embellished silk chiffon florals that Warmflash likened to “fabric sequins.” The abstract influence turned up most noticeably on a graphic, neon leaf-lace macramé dress. It combined nostalgic floral reference with an intricate use of line and stitchwork. “The stitchwork I interpreted from a dress that was my grandmother’s that she wore to my parent’s wedding,” Warmflash said at her presentation.

Hand-crocheting has always been personal for the designer. Here, crocheted tops and dresses came in solid colors, rather than colorblocking as in seasons past, with off-kilter buttons to deliver that special Novis touch. But an audacious approach to color is a mainstay: This season she paired poppy yellow and lilac hues on relaxed blouses and wide-leg trousers. “I think my approach right now is I want to create clothes that women want to wear. At the end of the day, we’re most rewarded when we get emails from our customers that say, ‘I wore your dress last week and it made me feel amazing.’”

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