Re/Done founders Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur are changing perceptions about their brand. They launched with a niche concept years ago: take apart and rework vintage Levi’s into flattering, timeless styles that women will always want to buy. They’ve had such success that it’s natural for them to want to develop other categories.

Before this past resort season, the duo offered mainly jeans and T-shirts. They’ve now produced a full range of casual daywear, from similarly reworked leather skirts and jackets to graphic Ts and dyed hoodies, all sourced from excess stock and made near their Los Angeles base. “In order to move the company forward, we wanted to make our own clothes,” Barron said during a walk-through. “We started to add more dimension. It’s not a change, it’s an evolution.”

Their spring collection was a colorful, kaleidoscopic ride that looked to L.A.’s surf culture over the decades and across cities along the Pacific Coast Highway. Hoodies and printed Ts referenced a mash-up of Seventies hallucinogenics, Malibu, Venice Beach and Pamela Anderson. Even the outer logos took on fonts evocative of vintage surf culture. “We even repurposed and redid our own logo because everything we do is redone,” Barron sad. It added to the brand’s vintage DNA and also becomes somewhat of a collector’s item.

Barron and Mazur haven’t abandoned their core, though; in fact, the most compelling pieces were the reconstructed denim offerings. The designers used a number of techniques and treatments to move the needle forward — stripping off tape after the dyeing process, reworking a single pair of jeans into a romper that unzips at the waist to give you two separates, or applying surreal prints through laser treatment on skirts and jackets.