Tomas Maier thinks highly of his customers: “I always think my client is intelligent,” he said during a preview of his spring collection. For that, he rewarded them with intelligent design and a lineup that was thought through on every level. Superficially, Maier wanted the clothes to be mood-lifters. Given the dismal state of current global events, “it’s about escape, looking for something brighter and more positive,” he said of the collection’s emphasis on brushstroke prints and bright, mineral colors, as well as leopard prints and midcentury inspired stripes. They added good energy and detail that can sometimes get diminished in the name of classic and casual, but here Maier balanced novelty and practicality.

He and his clients expect their clothes to perform — to fit the weather and the occasion. The collection was born to suit the casual side of life, and as Maier noted, things are only getting more informal. “It’s about time off but also what people will wear if they don’t have to be in a corporate situation,” he said. “Many of us don’t have to wear corporate clothes to the office, and more people don’t have to be in the office because of technology.” Abstract palm-printed tracksuits, black denim trimmed in candy-colored rivets, a satin camo varsity jacket and a breezy brushstroke print dress telegraphed an off-duty attitude that would certainly be an upgrade for anyone working remotely in sweatpants. But they could just as easily work in many an office or for a night out should the occasion arise.

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