Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard have been keeping busy. They recently launched denim and shoes, are dropping a four-piece capsule collaboration with artist Donald “Drawbertson” Robertson this week, opened market in Dallas and managed to put on a colorful spring presentation (among other events at their three stores), while still looking relaxed and cool, put together and chic. The sisters-in-law represent the VB woman; they’re always on the move and their clothes define their lifestyle, reflecting elements of novelty and ease.

They looked to the effortless vibe of Acapulco in the Seventies for spring. “Glamorous, loungey, sexy,” Miele Beard said at the presentation. “Casual and this sexy disheveled [look], like she jumped out of the pool and threw on something easy,” added Swanson Beard.

They played with silhouettes, diversifying their range to include off-shoulder shirting suited for a stroll along the seaport, striped wide-leg pants that could be dressed up or down, and microfloral ruched dresses and skirts that played on the chic side of imperfection. Having recently launched jeans, there were more denim and denim-inspired styles: a gaucho wide leg, culottes, their dickey of the season, and a “jean” jacket made with sequins. Notable, too, was the increase in the number of prints and a playful take on pattern mixing, combining stripes, florals, plaids, tweeds and other rich textures. “The print selection is my favorite part,” Miele Beard added. “It sets the tone.” And that attitude — sexy but relaxed — definitely came across. 

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