For spring ready-to-wear, husband-and-wife team Bessie Afnaim Corral and Oliver Corral fashioned an array of jackets, tunics and long, wide-leg trousers for women, meant for layering. Clothing for every occasion is their target, which is why the pair made a vest with sleeves that can be unbuttoned and removed. The designers launched their brand a year ago and shuttle between New York and Italy to be close to suppliers.

But back to the layers. Strip off the vest to show the tunic — also in the same navy and khaki pin-striped material — cotton viscose silk. It hangs low, held up by spaghetti straps, the front panel falling mid-thigh while the back panel is lower, practically to the knees.

For a playful touch, people making the garments are invited to choose a spot for a tiny label printed with the evil eye — she’s Turkish. It could be in the pocket. For the men, wide-sleeved sweaters and a double-breasted suit vest channel the brand’s easy-to-wear essence. These designers like things slouchy, that is, comfortable.

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