Marie-Christine Statz found a new fabric to explore with this season: lace. But not the fluffy, dusty kind from granny’s closet, this was technical lace, a chic, black grid that projected a sporty look.

Statz used it to construct a sleeveless dress that gently puffed out from a gathered waist, paired with long, loose black trousers — proof that the collision between daywear and nightwear can actually work.

There was also plenty for the day job, including suits with layers, slits and buttons. The trousers on one pair could be transformed into long, wide shorts, it was just a case of tackling the ring of buttons at the knees.

“I think it’s about easy simplicity….I wanted it to not be overdramatic. This is the woman I can somehow relate to,” Statz noted. She drove the point home with her use of a fine, light gray wool that formed part of the masculine-feminine mix of this engaging collection.

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