Isabel Marant conveyed a travel theme for the spring collection of her secondary label Étoile, reaching for patterns from Africa and Indonesia for tops to wear with her trademark high-waisted baggy jeans.

“It’s positioned for everyday life, the weekend, comfortable clothing, easy to wear, without too much fuss but a bit of style,” said Marant. Africa served as much of her inspiration for the collection, she added, noting wistfully that it’s been a while since she has visited the continent.

The print on a pair of transparent cotton pants in navy, brown and ocher hailed from Benin and could be worn over a bathing suit. A blouse was made with batik fabric from Indonesia, and a thick, white short-skirted dress was crafted from a traditional Nigerian weave that was made in India.

“I’m having African patterns woven in India,” she laughed.

There were also a few windbreaker jackets, one in blue, with slouchy shoulders and drawstrings, and another one, the pullover kind, with large angled patches of tan, green and blue.

It was modern and bohemian, in typical Marant fashion, with a splash of the spirit that drove her to make that first backpacking trip to Africa at age 17.

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