Every Sunday finds Mira Mikati accompanying her sons at the skate park, where she discovered the skater girls. “I love that it empowers women, they’re strong, fearless, they even have fights,” she said, as her cast thundered around on the rainbow-colored half-pipe she installed inside a grand building on Place Vendôme.

The intersection of her tomboyish inspiration and her very colorful universe found a home in Venice Beach with its street vendors and “surf ’n’ skate” crowd. Oversized hoodies, mini-shorts, paper-thin nylon skirts, windbreakers and a pair of thick twill overalls were splashed with color, from Smarties-hued buttons and handfuls of sequins to multicolor wavy “rick rack” trim and hand-embroidered messages urging to “go with the wave,” or “think less,” and “love more.”

Among the standouts were a trompe-l’oeil striped shirt and chino jumpsuit, tops and dresses cut from prints of hand-drawn stripes, track suits with message ribbons running down the side and dresses with detachable elements. Those would look equally good with a pair of chic pumps as they would with Mikati’s transformable sneakers-cum-roller skates, the fruits of a hook-up with French brand Flaneurz.

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