For spring, Maison Rabih Kayrouz honored the craft of its workshop with displays of embroidered fish and a luxurious take on work smocks.

“I did work smocks and embroidered clothing, a mix of creation and know-how,” said Rabih Kayrouz, noting he wanted to dedicate the collection to the art of craftsmanship and hand-stitched clothing.

The label highlighted the colorful embroidery by setting it against a white backdrop and stitched rhinestones onto clothing for the first time.

Sprinkled on a white silk jacket, the rhinestones came in varying sizes and colors, including blue, green, pink and yellow. They were rearranged on the matching top, to form simple fish shapes meant to harbor good fortune. A pair of wide white trousers completed the look, gathered at the waist with a wide cloth belt.

A stark white cotton dress featured the fish as well, this time embroidered with brightly colored thread.

In a wink to the fishing theme, the collection included a bright yellow rain slicker, cinched by a belt.

There were also several delicate silk dresses with the thinnest spaghetti straps. One model billowed out into a parachute, part ivory and part shocking pink.

As for his client, Kayrouz had a pretty good idea of what she wants: “She’s curious and she likes dressing, and has had enough of fashion — that’s what I’m hearing,” he said.

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