Rahul Mishra’s spring collection was a powerful comment on the fast-paced world we live in, encouraging us to slow down and take note of the beauty of nature.
He created striking embroideries that refracted the color spectrum like a prism, producing bright stripes of color to symbolize the blurring we see when we move too fast.

Slowed down, they came into focus as an array of flowers, animals and insects, most importantly the humble honeybee — attracted by the beam of light to alight on his designs. Mishra also referenced nature in the shapes he used, with ruffled and scalloped edges subtly suggestive of an array of petals on dresses and jackets.

In many looks, the vivid embroideries came on fabrics so light that the technique took several months to perfect, Mishra said. Striped and checked pale blue cotton and linen, layered or patch-worked on skirts with handkerchief edges, were cases in point.

More dramatic, and just as appealing, were several darker gowns for evening, on which the refractory stripes were contrasted with transparent panels and subtle nature motifs.

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