Victoria Feldman and Tomas Berzins presented their first runway show in the weathered outdoor gardens of an imposing pharmaceutical research university. Light cotton plaid dominated the collection — cinched here, gathered there, wrapped around the waist and peeking out from under a jeans jacket with an asymmetric flap. Amid all of the contrasts, several running themes served as a unifying force. The playful oval opening underneath the collar of a buttoned-up shirt, for instance, appeared on the backs of others. Billowy sleeves and dresses with low waists moved naturally alongside form-fitting dresses that showed off feminine curves. It felt young, but somehow, also wise.

“It’s the story of a good girl who fell in love with a bad boy,” said Feldman, noting their relationship served as inspiration for their show — given its importance as their first. The pair, who have been together for more than nine years and married over a year ago, were slightly breathless after their quick bows.

Feldman explained that their clothing was not overly boyish or too feminine, but rather a mix, like a big bouquet of flowers.

So how did marriage change their relationship?

“Tomas is wearing a ring,” smiled Feldman.

“Another accessory,” quipped Berzins.

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