Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding wanted to tell the story of a dangerous-yet-attractive woman for spring.

“She’s twisted. There’s something a bit dark and sinister about her, but with gloss,” said Harding, pointing to Meryl Streep’s character in the Eighties American psychological thriller “Still of the Night,” as their main source of inspiration. “We were intrigued by this idea of a beautiful woman who might have been guilty of murder or she might have just been the victim’s mistress.”

The design duo used dichotomies throughout the collection to reflect this type of twisted personality.

There were oversize, androgynous shirts with lingerie-inspired slip tops peaking under; tailored jackets softened with ruffles and peplums, and harnesses layered over languid printed dresses.

“There’s some dangerous elements like harnesses but also ruffles to camouflage [her darker side],” added Harding.

Other highlights included ultra high-waisted trousers and structured jackets with large cargo pockets, that evoked a powerful, military-inspired image.

There was plenty to choose from in this collection, that was filled with easy-to-wear, everyday separates — but their brand’s strength continues to lie in their signature shirting and the skilfull ways they pull them apart and piece them back together.

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