There’s a movement among Milan’s newer generation of designers toward frisky frippery, wherein the ultra girly and feminine is tossed with a healthy dose of bad taste. It can work wonderfully when the balance of irony to earnestness is right. Excellent execution is essential as well. Daizy Shely had the right ingredients in her spring show, but her ratios were off.

“It’s very feminine but also very rude,” she said of the lineup backstage. The clothes were in your face in every way. Brash colors clashed with pastels. There was gingham, cherry prints, ruffled corset tops layered over shirts, bikini tops and matching skirts, frilly lace dresses over sporty knits and a strawberry print bandeau top and matching bloomers that looked like something the girl your mom wouldn’t invite to your sleepovers would own. It had the potential to be a lot of fun, but Shely needs to mind her fabrics and finishing more closely lest the send-up of bad taste ends up just plain bad.

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