It was Angel Chen’s first time showing in New York, here as part of Tmall China Day, but she is no stranger to the city having previously worked at Vera Wang. She chose Madame Ching, a pirate lord during the Qing dynasty, as the inspiration for her coed show.

The references to pirates came out in pieces that mixed brocade prints and textured fabrics to create slipdresses with shredded streamers cascading down at an angle; for men, there were track suits with a similar mixed fabric shredding detail. While the pirate may have been a starting point, another idea Chen seemed to be pondering was protection, showing printed parachute-like capes, biker shorts with cargo pockets and hooded full body suits in neon acid colors. An over-the-top neon pink backpack with a mix of belt bags spilling over stood out.

Chen’s sense of color print and texture made for an eye-catching collection.