Andy Hilfiger and artist Greg Polisseni’s always begin their design process for Artistix with Polisseni’s art, for spring, it started specifically with a piece he created called “Sierra,” Hilfiger reported.

The colorful artwork was shown on the runway, but before the co-gender show started, a lengthy video caught the crowd up on the brand’s previous season’s outing, and then the spring collection came down the runway. The art wasn’t apparent in the clothing, with the exception of a few watercolor camouflage prints on a light anorak jacket for the boys and some color-block patterns on swimsuits for the girls.

It’s not streetwear, Hilfiger insisted. He prefers to call his pieces “active fashion.” And considering a lot of what walked the runway were bodysuits and track pants, “active” could be a proper descriptive for these clothes, but next season hopefully the idea can be fleshed out with a unique point of view.

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