It’s always harder to review a collection you really believe in. You want to mention as much as possible to do it justice. That was the case with Chloé and Parris Gordon’s spring offering for Beaufille, brimming with so many considerate elements that expanded on their narrative of harmonious contrasts.

The collection began with a focus on three main summer men’s wear staples — the Hawaiian shirt, the single-breasted jacket and tailored trousers — which the sisters designed women’s pieces around to play up the core ethos of masculine and feminine.

They gravitated toward an imperfect striped fabric for its artistic irregularity, and cut it into a matching top-and-bottom set that girls (and guys!) would find lust-worthy. There were a couple of interesting reworked shirting items, like one with ventilation slits that could be worn multiple ways, and a short-sleeve blazer cut in lightweight crepe meant to be worn as a blouse. The goal was to have the simplicity of men’s wear cut with a sense of freedom and ease.

They strived to offer spare, modernist silhouettes with the slightest tweaks to make them sophisticated and unique. Wrap skirts could be worn front-to-back for a play on texture. Another skirt could be ruched on one side. The sleeves of a simple tee featured 12 darts to provide structure without being overdesigned. A sexy little slip was outlined with lace around the bust while providing full coverage. The list goes on. It all looked great.

The sisters’ message of effortless allure was finished off with delicate jewelry and their first shoe collaboration with Reike Nen. It marked the first time Chloé (who usually designs the clothes) and Parris (who generally focuses on the jewelry) worked together 100 percent. The footwear featured design elements mirroring those found in the clothes and jewelry. Dressed up but still casual, it maintained that unique harmony that has made Beaufille a young brand worth watching.

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