The Halston House, the former town house of the iconic designer, was the backdrop for Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong’s latest full-on Eighties-inspired collection for Greta Constantine.

“We’re not trying to be nostalgic, it’s just us,” Pickersgill said. “The Eighties were about showing your personality, so there [were] different tribes. They’re all represented here from the boho to the disco goddess to the classic dynastic kind of glamour.” The duo looked to the Eighties series “Dynasty,” as well as their own personal memories for the collection, throwing in a bit of everything from the decade: big shoulders, both sharp and poufed; jewel-tone dresses in new lightweight, liquid fabrics; a “prom” bubble dress; metallic harem pants, and even a leopard-printed party jumpsuit. A bit too over-the-top and costume-y, yes, but nostalgic and fun, especially when viewed in the space where Halston, Andy Warhol and other Studio 54 regulars partied back in the day.

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