Upon first glance, Marissa Webb’s spring collection felt like an ode to island dressing. It had an overall thread of ease and relaxation, complete with romantic dresses and flirty tops in captivating colors and prints.

So it made sense that Webb looked to markets around the world — Thailand’s floating market, Morocco’s spice market and New York’s very own Union Square farmer’s market — to inform the collection’s aesthetic mood. “This is our romanticized idea of how we spend the summer, in these romantic, pretty day dresses,” Webb said in her showroom, adding: “We wanted it to feel accessible and easy but at the same time a little bit decadent.”

She achieved this namely through thoughtful design elements. A lovely black and red dress, for instance, featured embroidery done in India. All the feminine crop tops featured puff sleeves that could be worn up or off-shoulder. Even the leopard sequin slipdress was hand-beaded. Everything was done with a sense of lightness and whimsy.

But you can’t talk about a Marissa Webb collection without mentioning two things: high waists and men’s wear influences. Regarding the former, this season’s uber high-waisted jeans hit right below the bust and featured retro pleats at the pockets and a tapered fit. Of the latter, there was a crisp blazer that featured a back tie that could also wrap playfully around the waist. “Having that versatility is important,” Webb noted.

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