Nili Lotan’s dream of a luxury vacation inspired her spring collection; Lotan also looked through a business perspective to develop two opportunities within that collection. It started with night, inspired by Luca Guadagnino’s visually beautiful film “The Big Splash” (which she has seen 10 times), and developed into pieces Lotan would bring to a beautiful house in Ibiza or anywhere along the Mediterranean.

The first opportunity Lotan saw was with garments to wear strictly for night occasions — dinner parties, events and celebrations — as well as on said decadent vacation. “I feel like what I’ve done is more day-to-night. You go to the studio and then you go to dinner right after. The whole night component to me at least, my [Nili Lotan] woman, I haven’t given her enough clothes for occasion…for dinner when she actually comes home to get dressed, it’s totally separate. I feel like there’s a whole opportunity,” she explained, pointing out a rack of elegant, but still edgy, raw and minimal, garments, adding, “It’s just silk. It’s all about silk and layers of silks and dresses.” There was a beautiful black halter-top or golden slipdresses as well as cream skirt set and blazers tied with long, simple tassel belts.

“Then I took it to the next thing, which is luxury travel with linen,” Lotan continued. Daywear options felt equally luxurious, but with a casual touch. Standouts were a navy-and-white striped dress, galabia dress and crisp white day suit, all in linen, or stellar suede trouser and short-sleeve safari shirt. Her vacationwear felt fresh and surely didn’t take itself too seriously, much like the woman who wears her clothes.

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