Jordana Warmflash’s effervescent world leaned toward the boldness and saturated colors of modern surrealism for spring, underscored by a casual vintage ease. Warmflash is often inspired by elements of art, balancing them with approachable silhouettes that have broad appeal — her clients range from 25 to 75 years old. This season more than ever, she kept that in mind with the ultimate goal of making women feel great.

“Have you heard of Toiletpaper Magazine? I hadn’t either,” Warmflash quipped at a preview during which she discussed the collection’s beginnings. She was taken by the magazine’s imagery, which toyed with a sharp surrealism countered with nostalgic elements — think a floating man in a Fifties-wallpapered room.

She translated that contrast into a graphic take on paisley — hand-drawn, modern and fresh — which she splashed in various iterations atop easy, flirty dresses. They almost didn’t look like paisleys, especially when brighter versions were folded into the pleated skirt of a fit-and-flare dress or when blown up into abstract shapes and embellished onto a lovely formal gown. Pink and green gingham pieces offered the vintage touchstone.

Warmflash was thoughtful in addressing her clients’ wide-ranging needs elsewhere. She introduced linen and cut it with curving pleats for women averse to waistlines but who still want a fitted and molded silhouette. For those who want vibrancy without the prints, she offered separates in saturated colors, demonstrating that easy-to-wear pieces can make an equally bold statement.

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