For fall, Rebecca Minkoff launched her “brand revolution” titled “I Am Many,”  inspired by the feminist movement. “For as long as I can remember, women have been marketed to ‘be brave, be ambitions, be bold,’” Minkoff asserted. “But here we want to talk to all that you are. [Our customer] is doing many things. How do you create [clothes] that allow her to go to all of these things?”

For spring, that meant richer, more elevated, but still essentially commercial product at the same price point. Leather bags with metal chains felt sleeker and cleaner, while ready-to-wear was pared down but still feminine. Repeated shapes — kimonos and puff sleeves — were also important for her design process. The best pieces included a boxy white denim jacket, yellow side-tie skirt with a kimono-sleeve top and a zip-front floral top with puff sleeves. Slogan Ts with the words “Love” and “Be Kind” tied back to her new brand platform.

Minkoff explained her strategy going forward. “There’ll be collections, but more smaller capsules. I know ‘drops’ is a popular word and as we go forward, spring is really the first evolution of the collection, but also we’re going to get way more timely.”

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