It’s the start of a new era for fashion collective Each Other. “We’re celebrating our seventh birthday,” said creative director Jenny Mannerheim backstage. The brand reworked its logo, dropped the “x” and decided to “focus on statement pieces: tailoring, evening dresses and sportswear.”

The collection was punchy and upbeat. Models stomped along the Café Marly with bright smiles on their faces, and colorful graphics on t-shirts were designed by German artist Alina Birkner referencing the Californian sun. There was a lot of hot pink, rhinestones, skin-tight jumpsuits, one-shoulder leotards and shoulder pads, complete with a Donna Summers soundtrack. It didn’t feel very original despite the name of the collection, “New Age.”

“We wanted to mix up codes to create clothes for a hybrid and independent woman,” said fellow art director Ilan Delouis. “She’s a gentlewoman and a businesswoman, but she’s also glamorous, outgoing and fun.” And clearly fearless: suits were either bright pink or entirely studded with crystals and accessorized with silver cowboy boots. Cycling shorts, cat-eye sunglasses and Plexiglas earrings were current, if a little predictable.

However, a couple of pieces manage to shake up the vibe. A stunning rainbow printed leather jacket turned heads, as did a pair of track pants that looked like they had been dipped in a Tequila Sunrise. These pieces were hand-dyed, meaning one iteration might differ slightly from the next.

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