“I am in the mood for love every day,” declared Huishan Zhang after the show. The Chinese designer from Qingdao, a northern coastal city, continues to showcase his fondness for cinematic romance classics, such as Wong Kar Wai’s “In The Mood For Love.”

Huishan Zhang is the go-to name for Chinese socialites living the jet-set lifestyle. Ruffles with strings of pearls at the bottom decorated the lineup of dresses. Pink, white and black lace was made into straight-cut blazers and cocktail dresses inspired by the Sixties, decorated with ostrich feathers and sequins. The styles ticked all the boxes of his clients’ wish list.

This season Zhang went back to his Chinese roots, opening the show with a white above-the-knee and pearl button cheongsam, after staying away from the style for almost a decade. His first piece to be collected by the Victoria & Albert Museum was a sequined embroidered dragon cheongsam in 2012.

“This is a preview of what my cheongsam capsule would look like,” revealed Zhang. “Cheongsam will always be guiding my strong and confident women through time, as it did in the movies.”

Some of the models wore wedding veils as it’s the most romantic and emotional moment in a woman’s life, which Zhang found fitting for the mood of the collection.

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