In the basement of London’s Hellenic Center stood a pair of aluminum columns with patterns cut out resembling flames and monsters, a work by the British artist Rosie Grace Ward. The artwork seemed to be inspired by Hydrus, a beast from the medieval bestiaries that is said to be found in the Nile River. The set design set the tone for the women’s wear collection of Kiko Kostadinov, which is designed by sisters Laura and Deanna Fanning. The latter is the Bulgarian designer’s girlfriend.

The duo said the starting point of the collection was a circle, “a perfect, organic and finite form, and as the research carries on, various aspects and annotations of the shape are brought into the collection.” They also explored draping with stripy and jersey fabrics.

The outcome was a collection that was cohesive with the brand’s men’s wear direction, designed by Kostadinov, while at the same time the spiraling and intertwining of the fabrics and pointed pagoda-shaped shoulders gave it a primal undertone, as if the talismans worn by the models cast a pagan spell.

The brand also debuted its second women’s collaboration with Asics, featuring ultralight sports textiles and architectural silhouettes, as well as kitten heels with Camper.

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