For spring 2020, Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida got to realize one of their “dream projects:” producing a film that pays homage to young women and the power of femininity.

The show kicked off with the film, which was projected on giant screens dotted across the runway and which featured extreme close-ups of friends of the brand talking about how they would raise their future daughters: “I would want her to grow up knowing that the word ‘no’ is hers to use…that it’s a wonderful thing to be a woman,” said the different voice in the movie, echoing each other.

It was a genuine, heartfelt move by the husband-and-wife duo, who have just had a daughter themselves.

They went on to use these messages of empowerment as a springboard of ideas for their collection, which married softer and tougher elements, as well as easy, no-fuss pieces with bolder, statement-making ones.

The result was clothes women can have fun with and also rely on to simplify their lives, from floral jacquard or light satin pajama-suits, to extra-large denim shirt dresses in the brand’s signature raw denim or roomy, cocoon dresses for the evening.

The drapes on the dresses or the ruffles on a range of taffeta tops came supersized to let the body breathe, while statement accessories such as combat boots, chunky chain necklaces and feather embellished mules enhanced the look.

“You have all these cocoon shapes from the Fifties, but it’s the lightest material, it should always feel slouchy and effortless as that’s what matches the personality of our girls,” said Marta Marques backstage. “We are always feeding from the same group of girls who embody fashion in a very free way, from Fifties Hollywood actresses to the girls who come to our showroom.”

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