The designer sent a blast of sound and color through Mayfair on Sunday morning, staging an open-air show on Stafford Street, where her new shop is under construction, and parading a fun, raw-edged collection that contrasted with the high-end merch in the neighborhood.

Zinko wore sustainability on her sleeve, piecing together vintage clothes, deadstock and leftover fabrics from her own collection to dress everything from the models — male and female — to the soft, stuffed benches that lined the street where her guests sat.

She whipped scraps and squares of fabric into an off-the-shoulder gown, spun tartan leftovers into a tailored jacket, and knotted — or patchworked — lilac, mint and peony pink bandanas into dresses, capes, jackets, baggy trousers and bucket hats. The latter doubled as her show invitations.

“I wanted to reuse old things — I grew up in the Soviet Union and we didn’t have the opportunity to buy new things. My grandmother would alter clothes for us — make things bigger or smaller so they would last for years. I want to tell people who you don’t have to buy a lot to look good, you can work with what you already have,” said the designer, who hails from Ukraine.

Zinko worked some new prints into the collection, too, including a hippie flower pattern and a host of cartoonish bunnies and pigs doing their gardening, sweeping and recycling against a pink backdrop. She worked those fabrics into everything from overalls and long, billowy shirtdresses to sculpted tutu skirts, sending them onto the road as she turned up the volume on the Doobie Brothers classic, “Takin’ It to the Streets.”

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