The Preen girl loves a good floaty dress, yet she’s also looking for something to lounge in or to make a statement. Designers Thea Bregazzi and Justin Thornton granted these wishes by expanding their repertoire for spring.

Ruffled and ruched feminine dresses that have become a mainstay for the brand took on new life in structured black and white satin. The designers continued to experiment with structure and they introduced trench coats with oversize boxy sleeves, tailored blazers and neon yellow nylon suit that popped.

“We wanted to celebrate women and empower them, like the big sleeves, even if it was on a fluffy dress, felt empowering and like she owned it,” said Bregazzi.

The designers introduced loungewear by way of loose, wide-leg trousers, track pants with quilted details and a boxy hoodie with a graphic manga print.

“We’re great fans of manga and anime and we worked with an artist to create this anime character who is representative of a Preen girl, for us it’s a way to remember our experiences through Japan,” Thornton said of the illustration that peppered its way through the collection, as a layer peeking through a lace overlay, on a T-shirt, a floral dress and printed on a scarf dress.