It was a personal and emotional collection for the designer, whose grandmother, and one of his biggest influences, Nellie, recently passed away. Malone said his spring pieces were a homage to their discussions around the working class and a symbol of working through his grief.

“The language of tailoring has been taken by designers whereas it actually belongs to the people in the clothes,” Malone mused backstage.

There were many nicely structured pieces that showed off Malone’s tailoring skills, such as a structured purple blazer that started off the show. However, the collection felt chaotic, as he transitioned from space-age looks to business casual by way of unflattering double-waisted trousers.

Colors also varied from strong reds and purples to mint greens and sky blues. There were patterned bodysuits, too. The collection picked up — in volume and interest — as Malone debuted a finale of gathered dresses made from recycled dance wear.