Designers Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey brought good vibes to the start of fashion week and transported viewers back to the heydays of the late Sixties. The venue was a reinterpretation of Woodstock, with food carts serving Buddha bowls, paisley print rugs lining the entrance and a raised platform covered with grass. Free-spirited models of all ages were lounging, playing the ukulele, dancing and meditating while incense scented the room.

And the clothes reflected all of it. There were colorful paisley-print dresses and jumpsuits in green, red and orange; flowing, floral maxidresses; and structured minidresses reminiscent of Mary Quant. Elsewhere, there were well-loved Bohemian tropes such as ombré swirls, tie-dye fades, oversize lapels and patchwork styles. While the prints were loud and decorative, no-fuss silhouettes made them easy-to-wear pieces for every day.

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