Katie Roberts-Wood created a sanctuary to explore ideas of self-image, girlhood, womanhood and identity for her spring 2020 collection, which was shown at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. The presentation featured not only the finished clothes — which included beautiful ruffled dresses in different forms and shades — but also offered insight into her entire making process. A giant installation of rotating white ruffles was hung on the ceiling.

Roberts-Wood combined innovative digital design and manufacturing techniques with artisanal methods. A new approach to embroidery was developed by repurposing the digital embroidery machine as a tool for the construction of entire garments rather than to simply embellish them.

The collection also featured original digitally engineered printed fabrics created by Roberts-Wood, using macro photography of printed and on-screen images that were extracted, collaged, warped and exaggerated through a combination of hand-drawing and digital manipulation.

The brand showcased a footwear collaboration with Atelier Inscrire. The shoes are handmade in Menorca with artisanal canvas painted with chalk to mimic the colors of the collection.

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