For his second collection for the 1910 Borbonese line, Dorian Tarantini said he imagined a cool girl living in a villa in the Nevada desert. A jacquard pattern of fake plants, decorating her living room, appeared on a suit with flared pants, the cactuses growing in her garden inspired a graphic motif splashed on a suede trenchcoat, while her lunches at a local diner echoed in the checkered pattern of leather pieces.

Everything was cut in silhouettes combing Seventies and Nineties references, such as flared pants, hourglass jackets, crop tops and strong shoulders, all mainly crafted from leather, mirror surfaces, metallic jacquard motifs and textured fabrics in aquatic tones.

The overall look was eye-catching but a bit over-the-top, probably more designed for influencers attending shows and desperate to be photographed than for real women, especially those buying the classic Borbonese bags.

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