Piero and Miriam Cividini looked toward the bright colors of Africa to design their spring collection, but without forgetting their Italian roots. The duo took inspiration from Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci’s Nineties flick “The Sheltering Sky” in search of a color palette that you could “feel.”

There were bold pairings, such as a lilac shirt over a pink blouse and a lime green skirt, but these had an almost dream-like quality: The colors were slightly muted and done in soft fabrics such as silk and breezy linens. A lot of garments were see-through, which allowed for even more color blocking: A long linen shirt, hand-dyed so that its body was magenta and its sleeves yellow, was worn over a checked yellow-and-blue swimsuit, the pattern visible under the sheer fabric.

Flower prints were hand-drawn and slightly blotchy, adding to the overall feeling of “memories of colors,” as penned by the show notes. The safari suit was either turned into a trousers and trench combo, or a rough linen dress worn open over matching high-waisted combat trousers. Tie-dye prints adorned short tops and long creased shirts, while models sported cloche hats and beautiful golden earrings, some of them mimicking the shape of wishbones. The overall effect was coherent, but lacked a bit of the sleekness expected of a runway show.

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