Balance is a goal that most everyone aspires to reach in life. Probably one of the most difficult to attain, considering the chaotic lifestyle of today. But a fashion show, if considered as a representation of tiny fragments of life, gives us that peaceful feel that, for a handful of minutes, everything is in its own place and the balance is found. This happened on Wednesday night at Milan’s Brera Academy where Jil Sander unveiled a beautiful collection, which seemed to center on the concept of balance.

Creative directors Lucie and Luke Meier succeeded in finding harmony among contrasting forces, giving shape to a lineup, which felt personal, distinctive, inventive.

The minimal rigor of sartorial suits, injected with an almost severe, mannish attitude, was counterbalanced by the liquid fluidity of draped dresses with high-neck collars and long sleeves. The conceptual vibe of most intricate constructions and deconstructions, as well as the paper-like feel of textured, more rigid fabrics, were juxtaposed to the desirable, essential approachability of a pleated tunic top with a crisscross detail on the back layered over a matching skirt in a different white tone and the liquid fluidity of a black and blue silk V-neck frock.

Patchwork in a chic neutral palette created interesting geometries on a long tunic dress. The Meier’s arty-crafty approach also resulted in fringes crafted from raffia, which was manipulated to create exquisite lace-like embroideries. They preciously punctuated a range of designs, spanning from an elegant skirt with a front slit worn with a simple polo and an elongated, sleek blazer matched with cigarette pants.

While continuing to respect the signature DNA of the Jil Sander house, one rooted in essentiality and purity, Lucie and Luke Meier are demonstrating they have found their own way, which actually feel very relevant for today.

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