“These are clothes to be worn,” said Massimo Alba, describing his spring collection. Banal? No, just honest. Alba is one of those designers who strongly believes that fashion should not define what we are, but that through fashion we can express our inner feelings.

This approach is clearly reflected in the designer’s collections, which instead of setting trends, showing logos or making grand proclamations always telegraph an intimate message of elegance, quality and timelessness.

Lightness stands at the core of the spring lineup. That resulted in the soft constructions of the new office suits crafted from slightly iridescent fabrics, comfortable and versatile shirt jackets, featherweight corduroy pants worked in washed tones, as well as mannish shirts.

A pioneer of a certain idea of unisex fashion, Alba introduced more quintessentially feminine touches this season, such as the floral line jacquard used for a charming suit featuring baggy pants.

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