MM6 Maison Margiela organized an unconventional wedding party for its presentation — cake, sparkling wine and ringing bells included. Instead of greeting guests one by one, brides and grooms walked across the room on their own, symbolizing more a celebration of friendship than purely romantic love.

Walking with speakers in their hands playing music, girls and boys, or better brides and grooms, sported versatile pieces, including T-shirts with tulle inserts; manipulated white jeans; frocks with adjustable elements, such as drawstrings enabling the wearer to adjust the designs closer to the body or in a roomier version.

Black-and-white prints of wedding bouquets were splashed on belted dresses, while denim blazers and pants were decorated with contrasting white side bands.

Cropped sweatshirts were layered over flounced tulle skirts, which were also paired with sleek white leather coats.

The brand brought to Milan a moment of joy, happiness and creativity, which seemed to echo Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s wedding transformed into an art performance telegraphing a message of peace.

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