Vivetta Ponti had it all in her endearing show: Whiskers on kittens, girls in white dresses — but without sashes — and roses that sparkled with sequins, rather than raindrops. While this collection could have been inspired by the song “My Favorite Things,” from “The Sound of Music,” it came from a different place, altogether.
Ponti drew her ideas from Slim Aarons’ images of glossy socialites, and family memories of Sixties Greece: Her glamorous aunties, poolside, with long, painted fingernails, holding cocktails and cigarettes, or swimming in flower-festooned bathing caps.
“And cats, of course. I love animals, and cats are really important in Greece,” said the ebullient designer in her high-pitched, girlish voice.
The collection was more controlled and commercial this season, far less nutty than Ponti’s fall outing where she transformed home interiors, gardens and furniture into pieces of clothing.
Even with all the salable silhouettes, the lineup was still charming, and included smock-waist dresses with short pouf sleeves, delicate fringes and ruffles sprouting from the pocket flaps of tops and blouses, and shapely safari jackets with peplums and extra-large pockets, in colors including candy pink.
Rose and flower prints blossomed across roomy dresses with rounded sleeves, or on a jacket iced with transparent sequins. Straw hats with wide brims came with little cat ears on top and felines’ faces painted lovingly on the front.
Abstract cat shapes also made for dangly earrings, as did big daisies, the latter inspired by those retro bathing caps. A lineup of snazzy white lace dresses — and a tailored suit — offset all the color, pattern and shine, and will no doubt be among retailers’ favorite things in this collection.