See-now-buy-now as a retail strategy doesn’t work for every brand but it’s certainly working at Chinese-American label Babyghost. Recently the streetwear label has switched up production as well, moving from large quantities to only doing small batches and reproducing things that sell through.

The past few seasons have seen the brand do a bit of growing up, the label isn’t the type to do label Ts and logo prints everywhere, rather they take a theme and work it in into the collection in subtle unexpected ways. Fall was about marriage — one of the designers recently got hitched although they won’t share who — and that played out in a wedding ring embellishment on a lot of their fall offering, like on pockets and underpinnings. They may still call themselves streetwear, but designers Qiaoran Huang and Joshua Hupper are serving up shapes and idea are more in the avant-garde lane with a bit of edge.

Outwear, a big seller for the brand came with a mix of interesting details and proportions that underscore their urban cool girl vibe.

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