For his spring collection, designer Victor Barragán introduced elements and ideas of arts and crafts into his designs. But these were not childish works. The young Mexico City native, who is currently a CVFF finalist, presented a lineup that fused skilled tailoring with experimental fabrics in silhouettes both sheer and skimpy. 

Barragán played with knitwear by weaving a washable and dyeable paper fabric, sourced from Tokyo, into stringy little tops and dresses. The designer described them as “like a piñata.” Inspired by raffia Americana bags, he wove leather and raffia together into an elevated, oversize boxy blazer and skirt set complete with two bags.

Aside from suiting, utilitarian patchworked denim offerings and leather pants with swirled cuts and pockets at the knee were stellar and made up a majority of the collection. Skin-baring tops included a layered, reworked sheer polo, padded crop tops and a men’s T-shirt slashed at the chest. Bags of all sizes finished off the looks.

All in all, Barragán’s show was exciting, displaying promise through innovative design and high energy.

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